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Sexpert Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry is not the first man to presume that women must be envious of what men have down their pants. Why else would he say: “you don’t get….what it’s like to have one of these in your bloody trousers.”  (You can read the full article here.) It’s an odd boast really.  You’ve got me Stephen, I’ll never really ‘get it’ but then I didn’t think that was a bad thing until you were kind enough to point it out to me and all of womankind.

I’m not a huge fan but I appreciate his intellect and sharp wit all wrapped up in his crumply avuncular demeanour.  Although, I never imagined that it would reveal itself as the ugly misogyny it turns out to be but then I’ve been caught out before.  Misogyny is like many hatreds, it often lies well hidden but will reveal itself over time.  It takes a while to deconstruct and dissect the throway comments, always said in jest of course, but which when put together reveal something altogether nasty and spiteful.  Of course to point this out is to be called a raging feminist.

Understandably, many people are outraged at his very presumption to speak as an authority on the subject of women’s sexuality but what’s missing from the many tweets, blogs and commentaries opining his comments is the male voice. I don’t presume for a second that there aren’t as many men out there as outraged as women appear to be but I would love to hear their voices, gay or straight.  Speak up and tell this humourist that he has gone too far.  Although it could be that they don’t think that it’s worth taking his comments seriously, treating him with the oodles (to use his lingo) of contempt that he deserves.

By all accounts, Fry’s furious at the reactions his comments have provoked and claims that he was misquoted.  The paper concerned – the Observer – is having none of it and stands by the report.  Fry’s twitter account remains offline and no doubt will stay that way, for a while at least.  Then, a few weeks from now, amid claims that his million plus follows have beseeched him to resume his daily utterings, he will begin micro blogging with a vengeance, his little foray into the world of women’s sexuality long forgotten. Although this time, we will all know what lurks beneath.