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New Year Resolutions

This is the time of year when we are expected to make resolutions; to reflect sagely on the year that has passed and the lessons learnt so that we can better appreciate the opportunities that lie ahead.  We then plot the action necessary to steer our lives back on course, whether that is to give up smoking or to find more time to exercise.  That’s what I’ve always thought anyway.  Yet it seems that it is also a time for us to become over optimistic and to overreach ourselves by setting goals that we stand little chance of achieving.  So while not wanting to overdo my optimism, there are a number of hopes I have for the 12 months ahead that I will do my utmost to achieve.

I hope my new year resolutions will have a happy ending.  But it’ll be ok if they don’t because I believe that some benefit can always be derived from the simple effort of having tried.  Much like the spirit of one of my favourite quotes by Samuel Beckett:  ‘Fail, fail again, fail better’.

There is such a stigma attached to failure that people are put off from even trying, paralysed by the fear that they will never succeed.

So my resolution along with many others is to keep trying and to fear neither success nor failure.

Happy new year!