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How do powerful people communicate?

Well if, like me, you have a twitter account, a Facebook page, a profile on LinkedIn and an email inbox that’s always full, you’d be forgiven for thinking that they use social media.  But you’d be wrong. When the likes of Steve Job, the creative driving force behind Apple and Bill Clinton, ex-Pres –  have something to say, they pick up the phone and in doing so, gain an advantage over the rest of us.

Why? Well it seems that while we’ve all busy hiding behind electronic social media walls, people with clout and who really want to connect with people, pick up the phone and fearlessly expose their true selves, without the buffer afforded to them by electronic media.

There are obvious advantages to having a phone conversation over a 140 character tweet say, or a post on a Facebook wall or even an email.  We all like the personal touch and outside of a face to face meeting, nothing beats a phone call where you can get a sense of someone by the very tone of their voice.

Phone conversations allow us to pick up on a range of nuances that would be lost in an email. We get a sense of a person’s mood, their temperament, even their environment.  It allows us to set the pace and tone of our conversation, picking up thoughts that are spoken out loud that would otherwise be deleted in an email, opening the way for more honest and open communication.

You wouldn’t that think someone who makes their living from the written word would be espousing the merits of phone calls over email.  My overriding passion is good communication.  Whether it’s in a phone call or a combination of words delivered in a speech, a business report or a leaflet, the essence remains the same – simplicity. Keep it simple, be concise and stick to the point.  Do that and you can’t go wrong.

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