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How a single spelling mistake can cost you thousands

The BBC carried a report this week which showed just how costly spelling errors can be to online business.  It followed a report from online businessman, Charles Duncombe, who after analysing website figures, found that a simple spelling error could lead to lost sales, in some cases, by as much as fifty percent.

For those of us who write for business, this is nothing new. It is a self-evident truth that poor business writing will impact negatively. Whether in terms of reputation or, as clearly seen in the BBC’s report, by a loss of sales. That’s why business writing is so important; get it right, and it can make a world of difference to all aspects of your business; get it wrong, even by something that may not be considered earth shattering – like a spelling mistake – and it could cost you, dearly.

The truth is that businesses can shape their reputation and professionalism through the quality of their written literature, whether it’s an email, an annual report, internal memoranda, or posters. Whatever it is, if it’s in writing, it will influence how a business is perceived and how well it is thought of.

No business sets out to be sloppy, but unless they pay attention, they can face losses that are easily avoided. A simple starting point is ensuring that staff can write well, or at least spell well. It may at times mean involving a professional writer who can review written communications and make sure that it’s effective in conveying a clear message that can be easily understood.  What is certain is that if they do nothing, they will suffer where it always hurts the most – their bank account.

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