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Let the blogging begin…


This is Writehandmedia’s first blog.  Over the next few months I’ll be writing about the things that interest me and that I hope will interest you too.

My interests are wide-ranging, for example, I love rugby having played for both Saracens and Wasps and, without wishing to blow my own trumpet, for England too.  (You really do get a cap by the way, and it’s very cute.)  Given that the World Cup’s upon us, I must also confess to having a passing interest in football as well.

I’m fascinated by the Labour party leadership race and the fuss surrounding Diane Abbott’s nomination.  Whatever your thoughts, she is now a contender and the next few weeks will be very interesting for those who care about the future of the Labour Party and even for those who don’t.

But the most important reason for this blog is to talk about my work as a writer.  I make a living through writing copy on a range of subjects: speeches, features, web content, funding bids, business reports, the list goes on.  I contribute the occasional book chapter depending on the subject, I proofread and copyedit and I read books voraciously.  I love the written word and over the months and years ahead, I’ll be using this blog to hopefully stimulate some thoughtful discussion about what makes good copy.

Finally, if anyone has an iPad that they’re not using, Writehandmedia would love to have one!