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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of copy/writing do you provide?
As freelance writers, we have a range of skills. We write speeches, web content and quite a bit of business writing which helps to bring customers and attention to the services many of our clients provide.

What hours do you work?We’re freelancers so we’re flexible. We have to be. It means we can meet particularly tough deadlines and can be flexible around completing work for you, especially if a deadline falls over the weekend.

The hours we work on your project will depend on the nature of the work involved and when you need it by.

How much will it cost?
That depends on the project. In some cases we’ll charge by the word but in most, we’ll apply a simple flat-rate based on how long we think it will take to complete and the work involved.

But remember, our quotes are detailed so there are no surprises. For a quote, just fill in this form.

Can you provide a free sample?

Sorry but this isn’t something that we do. You can find some examples of our work under our portfolio and we could also send more examples to you if that would help. Just let us know.