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Black History Month

Black History Month is the one month in the year when everything good about black history is trumpeted and celebrated. It is an annual event that seeks to redress the balance and somehow compensate for the fact that so little is taught about the roles and significance of black people in history. There are a […]

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Equality and diversity boring? Not in the hands of Lady GaGA

Many newspaper column inches were given over this week to reporting Lady GaGa’s speech on gay rights.  She had joined a rally in Portland, Maine to speak out against the army’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy – a policy that forces serving army personnel who happen to be lesbian or gay to maintain a dignified […]

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Does diversity send you to sleep?

A friend recently asked me to name my passion.  We were having a general discussion about good topics for creative non-fiction writing and brainstorming ideas.  Without pausing to give it much thought, I answered, “equality and diversity”.  Her reply was interesting and not altogether surprising.  She said that the very word ‘diversity’ said in a […]

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