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Women’s boxing – coming live to a screen near you

For many people their first glimpse of the world of women’s boxing came from the Oscar winning film ‘Million Dollar Babe’ and we all know how that ended.  No doubt those loudly protesting their opposition to the BBCs announcement that they will broadcast women’s boxing for the first time have that film in mind when they denounce the sport as being ‘dangerous’.

While not being a huge fan of boxing, men’s or women’s, I am a fan of women’s rugby which is another sport that tends to attract similar views.  The BBCs endorsement lends the sport some legitimacy which those who oppose the move probably fear the most.

Those within the sport however are naturally delighted and with the 2012 Olympics just around the corner, the broadcast will give the viewing public a little taste of what’s to come, which can only be a good thing.

It took a long time for women’s boxing to receive recognition from the British Boxing Board of Control and it would be a backward step if the BBC were to listen and act on those who oppose the broadcast.  It’s not about pretending that there is no risk, it’s about respecting the right of everyone, male or female, to participate in a sport of their choosing.

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  • Sonya Thomas

    Women’s boxing – coming live to a screen near you: For many people their first glimpse of the world of women’s box…

  • Andy

    I have to say I don’t agree with a sport where the aim is to give your opponent brain damage, whether male or female. The problem women face is the ignorance and brainwashing that undereducated men transmit when it comes to a woman’s capabilities. A female athlete is faster and stronger than 99% of men, but a lot of men deny it, feeling somehow emasculated.