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About me

My  name is Sonya Thomas. I’m a London-based freelance writer and journalist and I work under the name ‘Writehandmedia’.

I have  a background in local government. I was a speechwriter at the Department of Health and at the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Since going freelance, I’ve written for various magazines, newspapers and websites as well as for individuals and businesses.

I helped draft the non-statutory guidance for the Equality Act and was a researcher on the Reading the Riots project, a joint Guardian and LSE study of the UK summer riots.

I’m currently researching and writing a book about women’s rugby which is apt given that my one claim to fame is that I played rugby for the England women’s rugby team.

Despite the absence of any evidence, my brother nevertheless maintains that he and I are distantly related to Malcolm X.

If you’d like to put a face to the name, please click here. The likeness is uncanny, I’m sure you’ll agree. And laughter’s good for the soul.